Vegan Travel Tips for Amsterdam, Netherlands

Being situated a few meters below sea level, the Dutch invented truly ingenious ways to keep their country, the Netherlands from flooding, and their capital city Amsterdam is a crown jewel in this northern European destination! I confess to being in love, as Amsterdam has struck me as more beautiful, romantic, open-minded, easy-going, friendly and cosmopolitan than any other city I have seen during my 30 years of travel! It’s a new favorite destination for us now – and a super vegan friendly one too!
Below are my vegan finds during our recent trip to Amsterdam:
Marit's Eetkamer - lovely upscale dining place for a great night out that delivers excellent food.  take your time to enjoy this place!
Bonboon - small upscale vegan eatery on the east side of town with a lovely menu run by two inspiring ladies.
Vegan Maoz - Superfresh Falafel Pita and salad options with large self-serve condiment bar. At least three locations in town, very affordable and the one at the flower market is open very late.
Terra Zen - small but very tasty fudion food
Vegan Junk Food Bar - two locations for interesting vegan Burgers and Fries
Cold Pressed Juicery - vegan and raw Superfood Smoothies, wraps, salads soups and desserts.  multiple locations in town.
For a special vegan Extravaganza make a reservation at CHOUX and ask for the vegan version of the prefix menu. It is gourmet, eclectic and super delicious!”
Avocado Show - offers the most beautiful variations with avocado and you can veganize pretty much everything! At least two locations and we recommend the one next to the canal.
Sampurna - can veganize the famous Indonesian rijsttafel - a must-try in Amsterdam
Hop & Storck - hip new coffee and chocolate shop where your beverages are served with a side of chocolate. Just ask them to bring their vegan tastes and you will be delighted!
Ina Mohan, Founder of Health, Healing & Happiness LLC