How to start with Intermittent Fasting

fasting with water
Contrary to popular belief, fasting doesn’t need to be a long-drawn affair without food! Even a shorter window of non-eating can bring great results if timed right! The idea is to avoid the need for digestive work, so your energy can be used for repair and detox.
Try this: After dinner, do not consume anything for 16 hours, which means skipping breakfast. Have a glass of warm water with lemon right after waking up to get your metabolism going and then a cup of hot green tea, which gives you energy, curbs hunger, and has a thermogenic effect that increases your metabolic rate. The longer you can wait before breaking the fast, the more powerful it is! At home we have had liquid breakfasts for the last 2+ years and have never felt hungry while having more energy and better health than ever!
If you can do it comfortably, try to use your fasting time to exercise as well! This will burn the remaining glycogen in your blood cells fast and the energy you need for the workout will be taken from your fat cells!
It is also a good idea to have dinner at least 3-4 hours before going to bed, so that your night time will be restful and your body can repair rather than digest.
Once you are comfortable with a 16-hour intermittent fast, try to incorporate a full day of liquid nutrition into your schedule!
It’s a very powerful reset to have a 24-hour break in digestion, and you can still consume delicious liquids like detox smoothies and soups! Check out the smoothies and soups on our website here for recipe ideas:
Author: Ina Mohan, President of Health, Healing & Happiness LLC