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The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating Nuts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating Nuts mixed nuts

We are nuts about nuts – but not all nuts are equal! When it comes to using nuts in a balanced plant-rich diet, we may encounter different opinions from the camps of nut supporters like Dr. Joel Fuhrman, or nut shunners like Dr. John McDougall. Therefore it’s important to understand that the benefit of consuming nuts […]

Our Favorite 7 Health Documentaries

Our Favorite 7 Health Documentaries health documentaries

Whether you would like to learn about nutritional remedies for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc. or are looking for a healthier, fitter & trimmer version of yourself, the following movies are illustrating the facts & fiction about the role that diet and lifestyle play in our everyday well-being, and how they can be used […]

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs medicinal herbs health benefits

Medicinal Herbs and the Health Benefits of Indian Herbs. Find out about the Healing Powers of Turmeric, Cumin, etc. in Curry Spice Medicinal Herbs – The Healing Power Of Indian HerbsThe medicinal herbs in Indian curry have been known for their anti-inflammatory powers for centuries. In more recent studies, Indian herbs and curry spices were also […]

Good Carbohydrates

Good Carbohydrates quinoa salad health

Good Carbohydrates Are Important For Your Health And All Your Organs! Our List Of Carbohydrates Shows You Foods That Are Your Weight Loss Friends Good Carbohydrates Are Important For Your HealthCarbohydrates are one of the three major macro-nutrients that provide the human body with energy. They are vital nutrients that consist of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. […]

Foods that Heal

Foods that Heal homemade remedies foods that heal

Natural Flu Remedies And Foods That Heal The Common Flu And Cold. Indian Rasam And Other Homemade Remedies For The Flu.Foods That Heal The FluIf the flu hits you there are 3 easy remedies to remember about foods that heal: You want to flush it out as fast as possible: Moist mucus in your throat […]

Alkaline Foods

Alkaline Foods fruit plate health

Alkaline Food Keeps Your Body’s pH Balance Healthy! Find Out Why With Our Acid and Alkaline Foods ListAlkaline Food – Why Is Your Body’s pH Balance Important For Your Health?The “potential of Hydrogen” or pH balance of our body’s fluids and tissues is a measuring unit of acidity and alkalinity. Our body continuously tries to […]

Nutrition Data

Nutrition Data nutrition data nutrients

Nutrition Data For Essential Nutrients And Facts About Vitamins, Antioxidant Foods, Good Carbohydrates, And Protein Rich FoodsNutrition data for the vital nutrients that our body needs to perform in optimal health are divided into two groups:Non-essential nutrients – the body can produce these itself without necessary supplementation through food.Essential nutrients – are required for optimal […]