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Carrot Ginger Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup carrot ginger soup

The earthiness and sweetness of organic carrots and the tanginess of ginger make this raw vegan soup a delightful snack or full healthy meal. Add avocado for creaminess and miso for a hint of salty umami flavor to round it off! This soup has only six ingredients but the power here lies in simplicity and the […]

Green Asparagus Soup

Green Asparagus Soup green asparagus soup

Green Asparagus is low in calories and has a unique, delicious taste. It can easily be eaten raw or lightly steamed. Asparagus is a great source of nutrients including fiber, folate and vitamins A,B1, C,K, selenium and copper. When blended with other vegetables and spices you will get a richly colored, creamy soup that can […]

Tomato Wrap with Hummus and Rice

Tomato Wrap with Hummus and Rice Tomato Wrap with Hummus and Rice

For this wrap we are using New Gem Food Wraps, which offer a healthy alternative for bread and tortillas by making wrappers from tomatoes, carrots or apple & kale! Lay out your wrapper sheet on a plate and spread with your favorite hummus. Then add a healthy helping of chopped leafy greens and vegetables like kale, […]

Raw Vegan Pizza with Cashew Chipotle Dressing

Raw Vegan Pizza with Cashew Chipotle Dressing

For a very satisfying raw vegan entree, try a raw vegan pizza! It’s super easy with the amazing dehydrated raw vegan crust from Wrawp and then I added guacamole, a sheet of nori seaweed, a lot of chopped vegetables and in this case also the amazing walnut chili for which we will post the recipe separate. You […]

The Deep Purple

The Deep Purple The Deep Purple

Just created a new smoothie recipe – the “Deep Purple”, that I would like us to add to the lifestyle page under beverages: Ingredients:* cup of cold Green or herbal Tea*half cup coconut water*one red beet*1/2 ripe banana*a tbsp of ginger* a handful of kale* a handful of celery* a tsp of turmeric* a pinch of […]