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Mango Ginger Shake

Mango Ginger Shake mango ginger shake

Mango and almonds make a delicious creamy base, the ginger adds delicious tartness, and the coconut oil adds the medium-chain fatty acids for blasting fat off.   1 cup mango slices, fresh or frozen ¼ cup soaked raw almonds 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil 1 tsp fresh ginger 1 cup filtered water Optional: a pinch […]

Berry Beauty Shake

Berry Beauty Shake berry beauty shake

The pumpkin seeds in this shake are loaded with vitamin E and B and the berries have high antioxidant powers. Together they do not just rid your body of inflammation but also do wonders for your shiny hair, skin and nails!   1 cup organic strawberries or blueberries or blackberries ¼ raw shelled pumpkin seeds […]

Strawberry Mint Shake

Strawberry Mint Shake strawberry mint shake

Berries and greens together bring the vitamins C and E together and the avocado adds the healthy fat! ·         1 cup organic strawberries ·         ½ cup organic kale or other dark leafy greens ·         ¼ whole avocado ·         2 tbsp fresh mint leaves ·         1 cup filtered water ·         Optional: A pinch of cayenne pepper […]

The Deep Purple

The Deep Purple The Deep Purple

Just created a new smoothie recipe – the “Deep Purple”, that I would like us to add to the lifestyle page under beverages: Ingredients:* cup of cold Green or herbal Tea*half cup coconut water*one red beet*1/2 ripe banana*a tbsp of ginger* a handful of kale* a handful of celery* a tsp of turmeric* a pinch of […]

Pineapple Green Shake

Pineapple Green Shake Pineapple Green Shake

A super energy kick-start for the day that detoxes and wakes up every cell! 1 cup fresh pineapple1 cup organic kale or arugula½ cup organic cucumber1 tsp fresh ginger root1 cup filtered water or cold green teaOptional: a pinch of cayenne pepper or chili powder for an extra detox kickOptional: a pinch of ground cardamom for […]

Pear Power Shake

Pear Power Shake pear power shake

This excellent cell cleanser comes with the sweet taste of pear and vanilla to make your detox oh so delicious! 1 ripe organic pear1 cup organic kale1 tbsp vanilla extract without alcohol1 cup water or cold green tea1/2 cub ice cubes​1 tsp spirulina or wheatgrass powder Blend it all in a high speed blender and enjoy!