Month: January 2021

Berry Beauty Shake

Berry Beauty Shake berry beauty shake

The pumpkin seeds in this shake are loaded with vitamin E and B and the berries have high antioxidant powers. Together they do not just rid your body of inflammation but also do wonders for your shiny hair, skin and nails!   1 cup organic strawberries or blueberries or blackberries ¼ raw shelled pumpkin seeds […]

Strawberry Mint Shake

Strawberry Mint Shake strawberry mint shake

Berries and greens together bring the vitamins C and E together and the avocado adds the healthy fat! ·         1 cup organic strawberries ·         ½ cup organic kale or other dark leafy greens ·         ¼ whole avocado ·         2 tbsp fresh mint leaves ·         1 cup filtered water ·         Optional: A pinch of cayenne pepper […]