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Our Favorite 7 Health Documentaries

Whether you would like to learn about nutritional remedies for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc. or are looking for a healthier, fitter & trimmer version of yourself, the following movies are illustrating the facts & fiction about the role that diet and lifestyle play in our everyday well-being, and how they can be used […]

Healthy Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian Diets Provide Complete Nutrition And Can Prevent Diseases.Learn More About The Vegan Diet Plan, Raw Vegan Diet, And Vegetarian NutritionWhat are Healthy Diets And Can They Heal Disease?There are multiple types of vegetarian diets and you should read more about each one to find out if any of these heart healthy diets may work […]

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs and the Health Benefits of Indian Herbs. Find out about the Healing Powers of Turmeric, Cumin, etc. in Curry Spice Medicinal Herbs – The Healing Power Of Indian HerbsThe medicinal herbs in Indian curry have been known for their anti-inflammatory powers for centuries. In more recent studies, Indian herbs and curry spices were also […]


Healthful Plant-Based Recipes for Every Meal and Occasion

Tomato Wrap with Hummus and Rice

For this wrap we are using New Gem Food Wraps, which offer a healthy alternative for bread and tortillas by making wrappers from tomatoes, carrots or apple & kale! Lay out your wrapper sheet on a plate and spread with your favorite hummus. Then add a healthy helping of chopped leafy greens and vegetables like kale, […]

Coconut Mung Bean Curry

This is a popular Indian dish also known as “Dal”. We eat it very frequently at our house, as it’s nutritious, tasty, and can be enjoyed as curry with rice or bread, or as soup by itself. What you need for serving 10 people: 2 tsp coconut oil1 tsp Mustard seeds1 tsp cumin seeds1/2 cup red onion, […]

Raw Vegan Pizza with Cashew Chipotle Dressing

For a very satisfying raw vegan entree, try a raw vegan pizza! It’s super easy with the amazing dehydrated raw vegan crust from Wrawp and then I added guacamole, a sheet of nori seaweed, a lot of chopped vegetables and in this case also the amazing walnut chili for which we will post the recipe separate. You […]


Meditation Guides and More

Stolen Moments of Mindfulness

Less light in the day can also work in our favor, as it naturally reminds us to slow down and reflect, go inside, and connect with the unified field that is all around us. So, why not set aside 2 meditation intervals a day where you can log off and tune in! Grab a candle, […]

Being Present

There is truly no better gift or compliment we can give than really being present with somebody!So rather than grabbing an unwanted trinket as gift for next party, offer something that is barely ever done: the gift of TRULY BEING PRESENT! So, put away the phone and the prejudgement, make eye contact, listen intently and […]

Create Impactful Holidays

So there we were, fully packed and ready to fly from Las Vegas to Berlin, Germany, to see my extended family for Christmas, which is always a joyful affair in brightly lit homes and at romantic Christmas markets. Except that we didn’t get to fly: our flight was canceled among the 760+ other flights due […]


Yoga, Exercise and Fitness Tips

Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Do you have to exercise for successful weight loss?Let’s get it out so there is no more second-guessing: there is absolutely no way to build lean muscles, to maintain a steady, healthy weight, and to achieve a higher energy burn rate without regular movement of some kind!The best weight loss system will never work without […]

Daily Exercise

Daily Exercise – Easy Yoga Exercises While Watching TVDaily exercise should be more than a good intention on every New Year’s Eve. The benefits of exercise are widely known, but the Wall Street Journal just published another surprising study: People sitting in front of the TV for more than 4 hours a day are at […]


Green Living and Tips Around Sustainable Choices

Going Green at Home

Our Carbon Footprint – How Green Are Our Homes?Going Green at home without spending extra money is easier than you think. One person or one family can make a huge difference with small steps! Find out how you can go green at home and reduce your carbon footprint without the need for expensive gadgets or huge […]

Comfortably Unaware

With his book Comfortably Unaware and his many speaking engagements, Dr. Richard Oppenlander addresses a fact that should be widely known but is often conveniently pushed aside: that our current choices of animal foods are causing widespread global depletion – the loss of our land, water, air/atmosphere, food supply, biodiversity, energy resources, and our own health.In a […]


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Portland, OR - Great Vegan Eats and Rooftop Bars!

We visited Portland again after 10+ years and the first time as full vegans for the annual Portland VegFest, which is a great 2-day indoor festival about all things plant-based and cruelty-free! And after sampling and discovering the many amazing brands at VegFest, we also added a little extra time to explore the city! If you like […]

A plant-based trip planner to Napa & Sonoma Valleys!

It’s Autumn and the grapes are now being harvested in the beautiful wine valleys of California’s Napa and Sonoma regions! That alone is worth a trip, but this season also brings out the music in the charming wine towns and vineyards, with festivals and open-air concerts everywhere! And even if you are not into wine, the […]

New Mexico Plant-Based Travel Tips

Quaint Adobe buildings, old towns that feel like Mexico, and abundant beautiful Native American arts and crafts can be encountered in New Mexico! In this post, I would like to introduce you to some of our best finds in the beautiful city of Santa Fe and the state’s capital of Albuquerque! Santa Fe, NM In Santa Fe it’s […]


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