Your guide to the best free online classes and ways to create your own courses or masterminds!

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Give yourself a power upgrade with this free guide to the best online classes and self-education resources now!

Have you ever thought that you could have enough time at your hands to make it through your desired reading & learning wish list in six weeks or less?
Well that’s what we’ve been doing, and since America finally starts to open up for business again during the coronavirus pandemic, any newly acquired knowledge or skill could just make the difference between restarting strong or worrying about where cash flow is coming from in the months ahead!
One thing is for certain: everything is changing and the more you can adjust from a possibly not-so-fortunate situation to boasting skillsets that can open new doors, the better off you will be!
Knowledge is just as good as we use and apply it actively, and the more you can use your knowledge in service to others, the more valuable you become! That’s where the true power of knowledge lies!
  1. Below I have listed the best e-learning and self-education opportunities, many of them complete free, to build new skills online that may be useful for your future.
  2. In addition you will find some amazing resources that can help you create your own courses and masterminds!
Everyone of us has unique skills and talents that can be very valuable for others to learn, but we may have never thought of teaching these for a fee!
No matter if you are a complete beginner trying to discover your teaching niche, or if you are a consummate expert ready to share your wisdom with the world, the resources listed below will guide you through everything you need to know to create, share and sell your own courses and masterminds!
I hope that these resources will provide you with insights, ideas or impulses to create a more rosy-looking future for yourself and your family.
Let’s seize the power of knowledge the way it’s truly intended: by using it wisely and creating massive value for others! 
The best options for learning new skills right now
The self-education or e-learning industry has been exploding for years, but right now it is among the fastest growing sectors ever! Nowadays you can learn pretty much everything online anywhere and at anytime from expert instructors without paying close to the hefty tuition that a traditional learning institute would charge.
Plus, the skills you can learn are valuable for life, as they are often experience-driven and not just theoretical. You can get book-smart and business-smart with many instructors teaching from experience that comprises decades of their own trials-and-errors, which you can learn in just days or weeks from them!
How about learning a new skill online that allows you to put your passion, interest or talent to use in a completely new way?
Take a closer look at the options we have listed below:Great (mostly free) online classes on a large variety of topics to build new skills, deepen knowledge and discover new passion projects
Great (mostly free) online classes on a large variety of topics to build new skills, deepen knowledge and discover new passion projects
Learning should be a lifelong endeavor regardless of our age, as it keeps our brains young, widens our horizons, and stimulates our imagination! It can even help us turn our interest or passion into something that we want to pass on to others!
Now it’s more important than ever to freshen-up existing skillsets or starting off with new knowhow and skills.
Shared experiences and life lessons along with practical advice or business savvy are much more desirable now than credentialed merely theoretical knowledge! 
Adaptability is a must in our fast-changing world, and we are living in a time where almost anything is available for us to learn with just a few clicks away!
Since there are so many options for online classes, I have listed just the best and largest resources with the widest range of topics below, many of them completely free of charge.
So, click away and discover the amazing universe of online courses for your next great business endeavor, passion project or life lesson! The listings are in alphabetical order:
1. offers anything from free courses to university degrees at breakthrough pricing in their vast database with courses from leading companies and universities. This is for serious learners and you can apply a lot of filters while browsing this amazing treasure-trove of knowledge.
2.  Highbrow offers 5-minutes a day lessons over 10 days with mini quizzes on over 300 topics on anything from finance to meditation. This is great for those wanting to invest just a little bit of time daily into multiple subjects and the Highbrow membership is reduced to only $4/month right now.
3. Open Culture has over 1300 free online courses, 150 free business courses, 300 free language lessons and more! It’s not a very intuitive website but it has the goods and it’s all free for you to explore.
4. offers a list of FREE specific courses that provide certificates and can help you create new skills or even work towards a college degree. Here you can learn the basics of business administration, computer science, economics, professional development and more for free.
5. Skillshare is a service that offers classes on many different subjects with monthly affordable plans and a free trial period. It’s also a resource for creating your own courses that you can teach and publish to their member database - see more below in the next paragraph.
6. Udemy offers online video courses starting at $12.99 each with 100,000 courses in their database, making this the world’s largest selection of online classes in many categories, which range from health & fitness to business development and marketing. Udemy also encourages instructors to create their own online classes here for free – see more below in the next paragraph.
Resources to create your own courses and masterminds
The knowledge and self-learning industries are among the fastest growing industries in the world, expected to gross $350 billion by 2025 – and this prediction came before the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s likely to be far more by now!
If you have any skills or talents that others could benefit from, and even if you have never thought about teaching a class before, there are great ways for you to share your knowledge with the world and get paid for it!
No matter if you need guidance from beginning to end or you are already an expert and have your content ready to share, these options help you to bring your skills successfully online.
We are not talking about creating “How to” YouTube videos that make advertising income or bring you influencer deals. The platforms below are the real deal, allowing you to teach or coach others on anything with the best e-learning technologies, tools and tuition available!  
The more we learn and apply what we’ve learned in service to others, the more valuable we become, and this has nothing to do with traditional schooling or university degrees! The way people absorb information is different now, and real-life experiences can be a much more powerful teacher than an academic grade!
So, let’s dive into the great course creation resources starting with my own all-time favorite, and then listing the other options alphabetically below that:
1. The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is the Gold Standard of all courses on creating courses. It’s a complete immersion by the masters of human potential coaching Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, who both have long and successful histories of raising people beyond their limitations. You are learning from the best with KBB! If you are ready to immerse yourself and get a complete mindset training, tools & empowerment to discover your skills, learn the very best techniques in the industry, become a marketing & copywriting pro and so much more, this course is for you!
I also like that you can become a knowledge broker for other experts rather than just teaching your own classes, which is addressed in a full module of this course. Above all, the course price is a bargain for the quality it offers, and if you know Tony and Dean, they usually over-deliver! I have started this course myself and can’t say enough great things about it!
If you are a doer rather than a dabbler and are ready for the big time, check this out!
Other options in alphabetical order:
2. Click4Course is an easy to use online course creator to upload your own material for public or company-internal training. It comes with several admin features and some email automation at one price level plus transaction fees, and you can try it free for 30 days right now.
3. Digital Chalk offers experts to sell their knowledge via courses online and business owners can train their employees. This is an award-winning digital learning system that stands out for advanced technology and the pricing ranges from essential to premier plans plus transaction fees.
4. Kajabi is a platform that brings multiple solutions together and lets you build an entire website with online sales solutions like courses, memberships, downloads and more. It’s an all-in-one choice for entrepreneurs who start from scratch and the pricing models reflect this. If you already have your own website and marketing tools and just want to start selling courses with them, this may be a bit of an overkill for you.
5.  Learn Worlds allows you to build a website for your online class or create a course to add to your existing website. Their features include video tools, ebook creation and a social media feature.  They even offer upload for existing content and the course creation in multiple languages. Prices ranges come with different perks.
6.  Podia is a platform that aids you with everything you need to sell online courses, downloads, webinars and memberships. Their offerings feature demos, tools and resources and they have an intro that addresses some elementary questions including mental barriers to getting started. Pricing levels are monthly subscriptions for either basic or advanced needs.
7.  Skillshare offers you to become an instructor teaching video sessions and class projects, which will then be published to their existing membership base. You can enroll into their partner program and create your own followers in the Skillshare community to start earning from members that are taking your class.
8. Teachable is a platform that teaches you the techniques of taking your business online with a website, attractive landing & sales page and an engine to offer your course and sign-up attendees, while controlling your own branding and data. If you already have a strong vision and the can-do attitude paired with decent marketing skills, this may be for you and they offer very budget-friendly pricing plans.
9.  Thinkific is similar to Teachable, where you can create websites, landing pages and online courses with the support and templates of the Thinkific database, plus you can apply for mentorship and funding to start your own online course. Pricing plans come in 3 levels.
10. Thrive Courses come with a set of experts doing everything for you, including filming you while you are teaching, editing, designing and marketing your online course.  This is for you if you don’t want to do it by yourself and just focus on the content creation and delivery. You can start by scheduling a call with them.
11.  Udemy guides you through creating your own expert classes and publish them into the Udemy marketplace.  You can create the class for free but they will keep 50% of the course fees when they sell your class. If you sell it yourself you keep 97%. They also have some restrictions on how you can price your courses. This is for you if you know exactly what you’re doing and have your content ready, and are ok with the restrictions.
Here is to your successful learning and to an exciting and prosperous future for you!
Ina Mohan
Lifelong Learner and Founder of Health, Healing & Happiness LLC