Stolen Moments of Mindfulness

stolen moments

Less light in the day can also work in our favor, as it naturally reminds us to slow down and reflect, go inside, and connect with the unified field that is all around us. So, why not set aside 2 meditation intervals a day where you can log off and tune in! Grab a candle, a comfortable chair and a pair of headphones to play 528 hz meditation music on your phone. Then allow yourself to be still and focus on just the music and your breath for 5-10 minutes! I like to use music with binaural beats to relax my brain even more. Make sure to put your phone on Do Not Disturb to avoid notifications!

Just 1-2 short mindfulness intervals per day will do wonders for your serenity, stress relief, and ability to stay calm and connected with the people around you!

Ina Mohan
Founder & President 
Health, Healing & Happiness LLC