Six Conscious Gift Ideas

conscious gift
Conscious gifts have a deeper meaning beyond providing momentary joy or taking up space on shelves and in wardrobes. It is an expression of understanding and truly meeting someone’s wants and needs, so we have created a list of six ideas for your gifting pleasure that can contribute more than bringing joy!
1.      The best present is to be present! Give a gift that is rarely offered, but more appreciated than almost anything else!
As we rush around and meet many people, there is truly no better gift or compliment we can give than really being present with somebody! So rather than grabbing a box of chocolates or unwanted trinkets as gift for the holiday party, offer something that is barely ever done: the gift of TRULY BEING PRESENT! So, put away the phone and the judgement, make eye contact, listen intently and show the other person that you truly care! Listening by itself is a precious gift, but you can take it even further and find out if there is something you can do for the other person (without expecting reciprocity): a word of encouragement, a referral, an introduction?
You will be amazed how appreciated this simply gesture is, which we all but unlearned in the era of ever-connectedness! Don’t be surprised if you are the most sought-after person at the party! It is an experience that enriches you as the giver as much as it benefits the recipient.
2.      Share conscious films and documentaries with a subscription
For those who enjoy learning about health, consciousness, science, spirituality, nature and more, a timed subscription service to or CuriosityStream may just be the right gift! Both services can be watched on any online device and offer thousands of great documentaries, series, feature films, talk shows and more that you won’t find on cable TV! For someone who is ready to step out of the ordinary and broaden their horizon, this is a truly special gift.
3.      Give gifts that support a favorite charity!
Simply ask your loved one for a favorite charity or a cause they support, and then head to Greater Good’s website to select a nice item that also donates a portion of the price to the charity of their choice. It’s a great way to give and to give back!
4.      A week or month worth of delicious meals from plant-based chefs or meal services
Busy lives can get in the way of eating healthy or someone we love has the best intentions to embrace a healthy diet but doesn’t know where to start and what to cook, especially when it needs to cater to specific dietary needs!
How about treating your health-conscious loved one to a fabulous meal per day by one of the amazing plant-based meal services or private chefs – delivered ready to eat to their door step! Vegan cuisine is en vogue and explodes with styles & flavors to satisfy even the most discerning foodie, so treat someone to discover the ultimate human health, animal and earth friendly way to eat with a fabulous daily meal! Here are some of our favorite local and nationwide options:
Las Vegas local:
Vegan Celebrity Chef Mayra is an iconic Las Vegas chef who pairs Caribbean and Latin flavors with any special need that your diet requires – cooked expertly, gourmet style and with love! You can also book her for cooking classes, detox and fitness meal planning.
The Heavenly Vegan is a health-forward weekly meal service in Las Vegas that offers raw vegan and cooked vegan meals in fresh and delightful flavor profiles!
Vegan Meals by Mindy serves weekly tasty and fresh “heat & eat” vegan meals in the Las Vegas area since 2014 and is a local favorite.
If someone is on a healthy journey or is treating a health condition, the carefully curated meals by Plant Pure Nation may be a great choice, which come delivered frozen in 20 different flavors!
If your loved one is interested to cook their own meals but doesn’t know where to start, what recipes to use or has no opportunity to buy all the ingredients, we recommend to take a look at Purple Carrot, which delivers all the perfectly portioned ingredients and instructions to your door, and your meals can be ready in 30 minutes or less!
5.      Volunteer your services for something that is needed
If you have a little extra time at your hands, there may be no better way to truly honor your family member or friend than doing something for them that needs to be done but for which they don’t have the time or capability!
Things like painting the garden fence or cleaning up the garage or baby & pet sitting, running errands, doing grocery deliveries or anything else that would be highly appreciated and only costs you time and dedication!
6.      Creates picture tiles of your favorite moments for those who prefer old school memories
In our uber digital world it’s sometimes harder for less device-savvy relatives and friends to embrace the best shared moments away from smart phones and tablets, so why not transforming your favorite moments into light easy-to-stick tiles that can literally be placed anywhere on a wall with its Velcro back! Simply upload your photos from your own device and get the ready for Mixtiles to deliver these photo tiles to your loved ones. The surprise and joy will be delightful for all!
Ina Mohan
Conscious Gift Giver and Founder of Health, Healing & Happiness LLC