Priming And Mental Exercises To Create Your Perfect Day

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I love the beginning of a new year: we are full of hope and anticipation about new beginnings and changes for the better that the new year may bring. It’s the time for a new start, a reset, a new opportunity to address whatever needs an upgrade or a complete makeover in our lives.

An energy is in the air that brings with it a can-do attitude to tackle exciting new projects, goals and ideas. We are making lists and plans, ready to take on the world!

This energy may last only for a short while, but it’s worth embracing every bit of it while it lasts!

I don’t tell you anything new when I state that most resolutions for a new year don’t last very long! They usually falter soon, as our initial excitement and zesty ambition gives way to everyday life demands. There are a few reasons for that, but the main one, I believe, is simply a lack of the proper WHY.

Why do we have this resolution in the first place? What is the purpose for achieving this goal? Why is reaching this important to us? If we can answer these questions with deeply rooted honest answers, rather than just rattling down something we heard in the latest personal development class, we are on a good path.

In this post I will introduce you to great mental exercises and priming methods that can set the stage for your new beginnings and the grander things you want from your life.

These are the primers that can lift you into the right mind and body space where your creative flow, willpower and "attractiveness" will work at their best.

So, if you have goals for your life with their why firmly in place, these primers can facilitate your path towards achieving them. They consist of mind, body and energy exercises to put you into the right state for receiving and giving whatever is needed for you to succeed.

Curious? Keep on reading below!

Ina Mohan
Founder Health, Healing & Happiness LLC
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Priming Yourself For A Great Day

Ever since I saw Tony Robbins talking about priming a few years ago, I loved it and have created my own version of it.

Priming is a combination of physical and mental exercises that set you up for a great day. It gets you into state, a physical, mental and emotional state of being, where you embrace the good things in your life and get ready to tackle the obstacles that stand in your way towards achieving your goals.

There is psychological proof about the positive effects of priming. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions can be primed by factors we’re not even aware of, which can greatly impact our performance in other aspects of our lives. When practiced correctly and often, priming can help us cultivate positive emotions and drastically improve the quality of our life.

Start priming your day in just 10 minutes each morning as follows:


  1. Start with power breathing - sit comfortably or stand up and thrust both arms into the air while breathing in through the nose and then briskly pull your elbows down to your heart level while breathing out through the mouth. Repeat 10 times, breathing in and out, powerfully. Then rest for a moment and do another two sets of 10 breaths each - for three sets in total. This improves your circulation and oxygenates the cells in your body, flooding them with vital nutrients.
  2. Practice heart breathing – put your hands onto your heart and breathe into it. Feel your heart's power and strength. Do this for 10 breaths. This connects you to your heart's powerful electromagnetic energy.
  3. Give yourself three gifts: relive three moments of your life that you are truly grateful for! Feel what you felt in these moments! See what you saw then. Truly put yourself back into these moments and relive their positive impact on you. This primes you mentally to be in a receiving, grateful state and it creates high vibrations.
  4. Visualize cleansing of your body and mind. Stand up or remain seated. Then raise your arms into the sky and pull energy from the sky slowly through your body, from the crown of your head all the way to your toes. Imagine that this energy washes away everything that ails you as it moves through you. Feel it zapping out all the bad stuff you want to get rid off: physical pain, bad emotions, abusive people, etc. Release all that's washed off it into the earth by pointing your fingertips to the ground. Now pull clean, vibrant Earth energy back up through your toes up to your head, as you come back up and raise your arms again. Release the powerful cleansing energy back into the sky! Do this three times. This cleansing exercise let's you take charge to rid yourself of everything that doesn't serve you and replace it with something good. It's a powerful visualization.
  5. Share the love. Stand or sit and pull energy back from the sky again down into your heart. From here, visualize that it circles out in rotating, ever growing waves to everyone you love and care about, bringing them healing, love and joy. Do this as often as you need to touch the people in your life. Sharing the love let's you feel great, as you are now using your energy to benefit others too. 
  6. Focus and celebrate. Sit down and think of three desired outcomes you have for your life in the next 6-12 months. Feel about each one of them as if they have already achieved them! Feel your success with immense gratitude, joy and excitement! These goals are now done – you did it! Celebrate your victory! Feel it! This is a powerful exercise for your brain, flooding you with endorphins. You are believing in achieving what you truly want, setting in motion the universal energy to create this reality. 
  7. Think of something you are really proud of, a moment of deep love, or a moment of crazy good fun. Let these moments fill you up with great joy! Feel them again deeply! Enjoy them! This continues your priming in a high vibrational state and you are sending out energy that will attract a similar energetic response from the world around you.
  8. Put all of these positive thoughts together and let them light you up inside. You are now primed to embrace and master your day!

Click here if you want to follow along when Tony Robbins teaches his priming exercise.

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Imagine Your Perfect Day - Daily Habits To Attract What You Want In Life

The biggest issues with attracting what we want in life is that we either don’t define it well enough, or we obsess about it mentally but don’t really feel it in our hearts, as we don’t believe we deserve it or doubt that we can achieve it. There are many coaches, personal development books and other self help available that deep-dive into these and more issues, but I have found that the following is combining all the needed elements to make the magic happen – and it’s fun and fairly easy to do with some practice!

The powerful method I'm talking about is to create your perfect day in your mind!


Imagine and write down what your perfect day would look like!

Imagine that there are no constraints on your time, money or knowledge and that you can be, do and have whatever you want. Allow yourself to daydream without boundaries! Doubt has no place here. This is a full-on manifestation of how you want your perfect life to look like, with al the elements in it: where it takes place, with whom, how, what you would be doing, etc. 

Do not try to copy (or please) someone else’s idea of how your life should look like. This is YOUR perfect day!

Do not try to figure out HOW you can achieve such a wonderful life – that’s the part you need to let go off!

Just imagine, with full-on emotion and excitement, that this is your perfect day right now!

The best way to do this is to write it down with all the great details. Feel every word, live it through in your mind AND in your heart!



Here’s how you do it:

  • Start with imagining the perfect place you want to live in. It doesn’t need to be a specific geographic place or a specific house. Rather, focus on the quality of what you see around you. What’s in your home, space, outside your windows, down the streets, in nature around you? How’s the weather? the air? Do you see a mountain, river, forest, beach, city lights, a garden? All of it? Imagine a place that fills you with excitement and joy. Visualize it deeply. How do you feel about this place?
  • Imagine who is with you in your perfect place – if you want anybody there with you. Focus on what they do or say. How do they act and behave. How do they make you feel?
  • If you’re seeking new companionship, just focus on the person’s personality, what they do, what they say, how they make you feel. This is more important than specific physical aspects or a specific person. This works wonders for attracting someone who may be just right for you, but who you may not think of yet.
  • Now imagine yourself in this perfect place. How is your health? How do you look? How do you feel about yourself? Your body? Your mental state? How is your mood? What are you looking forward to today?
  • Next, imagine how you start your perfect day. How do you start your morning? What healthy routines do you have? What do you drink or eat? Do you exercise? How and where? How does it make you feel?
  • Do you have a mindfulness practice? What is it? Why do you do it? How does it make you feel?
  • What kind of work to do you – if any? Alone or with others? Describe your ideal work and how you do it. What do you accomplish? Who or what do you serve? What outcome do you satisfy? Does it fulfill you? Feel your success from this work and the impact that it has. Be proud. Feel accomplished and happy. Feel grateful that you can do this.
  • What else do you do? Play? Creative expression? Volunteering? Social interactions? Teaching others? Gardening? Sports? Savings animals? Imagine all of the things you would do daily in your perfect life in as much detail as possible – write it all down. How do you feel when you do these things?
  • What do you eat and drink during your perfect day? Remember this is your everyday practice… Is it good for you? How does it taste? Are you creating it or going out to eat? Cooking for yourself or with friends or family?  Is the food & drink nourishing you? How does it make you feel?
  • What other daily routines do you have that bring you joy? What do you make time for daily? What is vital for your wellbeing and happiness daily? What makes you feel alive?
  • How do you spend your evenings? Where are you? With whom? What do you do? How does it make you feel?
  • How do you end your day? What puts a happy smile on your face just before you drift into a blissful sleep?

Add anything else to the above list that you would be, do, feel, have, or make during your perfect day!

Now, as you may have noticed, I’m ending most points with the question “how does it make you feel”? This is really important, as manifestations only work when real emotions are attached to them! Strong, positive feelings raise your vibrations exponentially and are the magic sauce that make it all happen!

Once you have written down your perfect day, make it a living, breathing journal. You may tweak it here and there, as your creative juices are flowing and you can think of more amazing things you want to see in your daily life.

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And now comes the icing on the cake:

Every morning before you get up, take a few minutes to close your eyes and walk yourself through your entire perfect day. Think about everything you see, everything you do, and especially, FEEL everything that you’re doing, being, and experiencing around you during your perfect day. Truly FEEL every part of it!

When you get up after this, you will feel great and will have an irresistible vibration that sets the wheels in motion towards making your perfect life a reality! It’s the laws of physics we’re talking about here. The energy you’re putting out will find a likewise resonance – one that matches your current happy state!
Now, I am not telling you to simply dream it and believe it and it will all be reality tomorrow. BUT: it is an irrevocable truth that vibration connects to like vibration, so give it a good try!
If you can attach strong positive emotions to the manifestations of what you want to see in your life, you are raising your vibration. And that is a great start! The answers may come from different areas than you may expect. Opportunities may show up you didn’t even know existed. Directions may become apparent that you never thought you would take.


How to move your perfect day from imagination towards realization:

As you manifest your perfect day every morning, you will start finding yourself wanting to implement some of the habits and routines that you can do and have right here and now.

  • Write down which parts of your perfect day you can start right now. Make time for these! Even a few minutes per day are better than nothing!
  • Small steps are the beginning of every great journey.  What small steps can you take today? And then again tomorrow and every day after that?
  • Think of what’s in your power to change your life for the better. There is always one thing that you have absolute control over: your own mindset! Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best: “if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change!”.
  • What are the things that make you unhappy now? Can you change the way you look at them? Do these things represent something else than just obstacles? May they be opportunities or challenges that can push you towards a scary, but much-needed change?
  • What do you need more of in your life to reach a higher level of happiness? Can you work towards this now?
  • What do you need less of in your life in order to become happier? Can you rid yourself of something that doesn’t serve you? Is it a life changer or just a matter of courage to take this step?
  • How does it make you feel if you take small steps towards your perfect life? Proud? Happy? Accomplished? Embrace these feelings and look for more ways to multiply them!
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So, let us recap why Imagining Your Perfect Day is so powerful:


  • You imagine everything you want in your life in clear and defined detail
  • You have a daily routine that evolves into a great habit – your morning manifestation
  • You attach strong positive emotion to the outcomes you want to see in your life – this is the #1 key ingredient!
  • You actively start implementing small steps that you can do today – and then gradually build up from there
  • You change the way you look at the things that make you unhappy
  • You don’t live your life the way others want you to live it, but work towards your own idea of a perfect life
  • You start feeling proud and accomplished with your small successes, which gives you the motivation to go for the bigger ones
  • You start believing in yourself and your power to change your own world
  • You are sending waves of high vibrational positive energy into the universe, which by the natural laws of physics, will find a responding energy that matches yours, and in return will bring positive changes into your life!


Albert Einstein said it so well:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward