Mustard Green Open Wrap

Mustard Green Open Wrap
Here is our new take on an open wrap: 
On a large mustard green leaf, spread your favorite hummus and then load it up with cut veggies, sunflower seeds and finish with firm organic tofu. Bath it with raw cashew miso dressing and season with sesame seeds and black pepper - delightful, healthy and great for a light summer lunch! To make it more filling, add some steamed broccoli or beans! The mustard greens give your wrap a wonderful lightly spicy note..
Cashew miso dressing:
In a highspeed blender mix the following:
  1. a cup of cashews
  2. a tbsp miso paste
  3. 1/2 cup water
  4. pinch nutritional yeast
  5. pinch of fresh lemon
  6. ground black pepper
whip it up until it's creamy and enjoy over your wrap or as dip for basically everything!