The Best Reads To Create An Unstoppable Mindset

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The old adage “you are what you eat” needs a makeover, as it is actually really more like “you are what you think and believe”!
I had the pleasure to meet-up with friends yesterday that I haven’t seen in years. One of the ladies had lost over 200 pounds and she looks amazing! A natural beauty, her confidence now shines so bright and positively that she attracts and lives a whole new life and is no longer enslaved by her body image. And rather than following a strict and depriving diet, she set her mind on a goal that she wanted to achieve for herself, not for anybody else, and intuitively followed her body’s signals into what to eat and what to do. She holds herself accountable and no longer uses food to reward or console herself. She has found something else that induces feelings of joy and happiness, brought by brain chemicals that every human being is longing for!

The power of our mind over our body and other matter cannot be underestimated
Many of our internal diseases are enabled by our state of mind first, consciously, or subconsciously, that allow our immune system to be compromised and enable chronic inflammation to creep in. It’s not tangible and rarely addressed by Western medicine, so we usually don’t look inside our mind to determine the possible root cause for disease, even though science now has solid ways to demonstrate how much our thoughts and emotions are impacting us on every level.
As much as the high number of placebos in medicinal trials show that pure belief in a cure can actualize healing without any true medicine or remedy, a nocebo, the disbelief into or rejection of a remedy can affect the opposite result without a “substance” that actually did anything. There are thousands of cases in the medical literature that describe just these occurrences, generally leaving doctors scratching their heads and resorting to labels like anecdotal evidence. The findings however, are very far beyond statistical randomness and warrant a firm recognition that the human mind is a powerful self-healing – or self-destruction – engine. It all depends on HOW we use it!

In this  article I am introducing you to some excellent reads on creating an unstoppable mindset, so that you can discover the true power of a self-respecting, self-loving mindset, which can literally move mountains for you!
I’m excited for you and wish you a great time on this discovery journey!

Ina Mohan
Founder & President of Health, Healing & Happiness LLC

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What is an unstoppable mind?

When we hear about others achieving tough goals or huge successes, we often feel one of these three emotions:
Yay you – that’s fantastic! (true joy at someone else’s success)
Great for you - but I could never do that! (recognition paired with a certain sense of envy and self-deprivation)
I wonder who she had to bribe to get to that point! (cynicism, a negative worldview and disbelief in one’s own abilities to achieve the same)
Whenever we want to achieve something really important in your lives, we have to ask ourselves: am I doing this FOR ME or FOR THEM?
This is where we humans diverge:

  • Some of us are more motivated when doing things for others, but that also means our outcomes, feelings and thoughts about ourselves will depend on others. Without their approval or acceptance, we will likely lose our drive, feel less accomplished, or even lose our self-esteem.
  • Others of us are mostly motivated by pursuing goals that we deeply want just for ourselves. This can lead to strained relationships, as others may not understand why we do things that don’t have the same meaning for them. It could leave us feeling alone and misunderstood


Whatever you are trying to do, whether it may be overcoming physical ailments, emotional distress or reaching material success, first become VERY CLEAR whether you are the purpose for that goal or whether others are the ultimate driver for you! This will help you recognize possible roadblocks ahead and allow you to create a navigation plan that doesn’t leave you stranded.
For any goal or desire, one thing is true: the stronger the emotion that you attach to it, the more brainwave power will flow towards it and you will literally be able to transform the very fabric of your life!

BIology of Belief


Below is my list of favorite reads on creating an unstoppable mindset to achieve anything you set your mind to!

The books are available in paper or digital/audio form, so pick the medium that works best for you and start removing the barriers that keep you from fulfilling your desires!


The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton, PhD

This book created one of the biggest aha moments for me as it became so crystal clear that we are programmed from early childhood into a certain set of beliefs and thoughts and what is possible for us. Once we break out of that program and paradigm, we can achieve anything!

You Are the Placebo – Joe Dispenza, MD

Dr. Joe has found a way to train his mind into becoming such a powerful ally that it helped him walk again after being condemned to a life of paralysis and in wheel chairs by the same medical community he was formerly a part of. A true story of overcoming and becoming your own superhero!

The Genie Within – Harry W. Carpenter

A practical and fun guide into using the power of your subconscious mind to work for your and to overcome deep-rooted societal, cultural and parental programming that while well-meaning, can stymie your ability to become a self-actualized human being.

The Worry-Free Mind – Carol Kershaw and Bill Wade

A practical guide into the power of our brain with many tools to shift our internal state and to calm our nerves, release negative self images and to create powerful positive shifts in our lives.

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief – Gregg Braden

For the scientific-minded ones of us, this book explains how our universe works like a consciousness computer and how we can manipulate our outcomes by way of our own human emotions and beliefs. It presents evidence that we are not limited by the laws of physics or biology as we have formerly believed.

Love, Medicine and Miracles – Bernie Siegel, MD

A wonderful and sometimes heart-wrenching emotional journey told by a renowned surgeon about the lessons he learned about self-healing from his patients in his years of medical practice.

The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer, PhD

One of my favorite books by the amazing Wayne Dyer: this one teaches us that intention setting alone creates a universal force that can become unstoppable in the direction of our dreams. Thoughts and emotions create measurable power fields. As science tells us, everything moves in waves, so our entire surrounding world will respond to the wave lengths that we are sending out!