Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Do you have to exercise for successful weight loss?

Let's get it out so there is no more second-guessing: there is absolutely no way to build lean muscles, to maintain a steady, healthy weight, and to achieve a higher energy burn rate without regular movement of some kind!

The best weight loss system will never work without its fair share of good fat burning exercise including cardio and resistance workouts. A healthy weight loss workout is essential for the success of your diet and healthy living overall. The best exercise for weight loss is a mix of cardio / aerobic and resistance exercise to speed up the breakdown of fat in the body, and to retain muscle mass. Resistance exercise and toning workouts build muscles and firm them. Find an enjoyable combination of exercises, which will help you with your healthy weight loss plan and turn your body into a slimmer and healthier version in a shorter time.

The best diet plans and healthy food choices in the world won't succeed long-term without physical activity. You need to exercise to lose weight, as this makes sure your body uses the energy from your food intake to the fullest, without depositing it into fat cells or excreting the excess.

To lose one pound of fat, you have to burn 3500 calories in addition to what you burn right now. To determine your best exercise for weight loss, it is important that you know your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)to find out the minimum calories your body needs to sustain vital functions like breathing, digestion, and keeping organs like the brain, heart, and lungs working. All calories you consume above that BMR value are used to lose weight, sustain your current weight, or gain more pounds.

What are the benefits of exercise for weight loss?

  • Aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate strengthens your heart, improves your circulation, increases your energy, lowers your blood pressure, builds and improves muscle strength, improves bone strength, improves balance and joint flexibility, improves sleep, and reduces stress.
  • Regular exercise is also the best exercise for weight loss, as it will boost your immune system, increase your blood circulation, and speed-up your metabolism.
  • And the good news is: the more lean muscle you build, the more you can actually eat! Now that's a goal to aspire to: lean muscles need more energy to maintain than fatty tissue does. Every additional pound of muscle can burn up to 40 extra calories per day!
  • And here is the real kicker for those of you who are obsessed with the numbers on the scale: muscles are denser than fat, which means you appear much slimmer and fitter while still weighing the same! In other words: when you lose fat tissue and increase your muscle mass through exercise, you will see a much smaller frame in the mirror and fit better into your clothes, but you may not see so many pounds tumbling off the scale after the initial water loss. In fact, you may even see the weight increase! This effect is often mislabeled as "muscles weighing more than fat", but in reality it's the difference in tissue density. This is entirely normal and good this way, so stop fussing over that "magic number" and evaluate your "weight loss" by how good you look and how well you feel. You can look at it this way: if you only burn fat but don't build muscle, you will likely regain your weight after the diet is over - and then some.
  • The best exercise for weight loss has to include strength training. After a session of this fat burning exercise, your metabolism will still spike for up to 6 hours, burning more energy! This means morning weight loss workout may be better. So, maximize your after-burn with strength training early in the day!

Having lean muscle burn on a higher and faster rate is one of the sure-fire roads to long-term weight loss.

Every pound of lean muscle mass that you build with the best exercise for weight loss burns 30-60 calories a day - even while resting.

Carbohydrate stores are burnt first by the body, followed by fat stores. The best exercise for weight loss is a more intensive workout that burns the carb stores faster and thus turn to fat burn faster. This does NOT mean a low carb diet is preferable for weight loss! It's actually quite the difference - find out why.

If you can do your exercise to lose weight before breakfast - do it! Your carbohydrate stores (glycogen) are lower and so is your blood sugar, which leads to a faster fat burning rate during an intensive workout.

What are your best exercise for weight loss options?

Significant weight loss starts at about 250 minutes of fat burning exercise a week, so you can plan accordingly. Once you are at your desirable weight, you can slow your exercise to between 150-250 minutes per week.

You don’t need to follow any specific daily routine, but whatever exercise to lose weight you choose, it should have these components:

  1. If you don't exercise at all right now, start with getting active 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. After two weeks, increase to 45 minutes for 5 days a week, and then increase further from there. If you are already active and fit, try to get 45-60 minutes exercise for 5-6 days a week.
  2. (fat burning exercise) Your best exercise for weight loss is a good aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up for about 20-30 minutes. Not every workout has to include cardio, but you should have a heart-strengthening workout 3-5 days a week. This can be running, walking, stair climbing, hiking, kickboxing, skiing, skating, cycling, ball games, tennis, swimming, step classes, dancing, zumba - really anything you like.
  3. Build strength and stamina through resistance exercise to create lean muscles that require more calories and burn more energy. Try yoga, pilates, weight lifting, sculpting classes, circuit training, martial arts - these are all great weight loss workouts!
  4. Mix it up often to "confuse your muscles". As an example for strength training, go with 15 repetitions of each type in 2 sets for 3 weeks, and then switch to 10 repetitions in 3 sets for 3 weeks. Also change the workout or routine, and don't train each muscle group every day. That way your muscles don't get too used to the routines, as this can make them lazy and less eager to grow. Alternating days help your muscles to grow and rest in between. If you mix it up like this, your best exercise for weight loss will challenge your muscles and they need to react spontaneously and will grow faster.
  5. (exercise stretching) Make sure you stretch before and after your exercise for weight loss, to warm up your muscles, prevent muscle injury and strain, and increase your flexibility. Yoga and pilates offer a great array of stretching exercises while also building endurance.
  6. It is a myth that a slow-paced fat burning exercise burns more fat, so forget about the leisure setting called "fat-burn" on your cardio machine. A higher intensity workout is your best exercise for weight loss, as it burns more calories and thus more fat calories too.

You can also use an activity calculator to find out how many calories each of these activities and exercises will burn.

Most importantly, the best exercise for weight loss is one you enjoy and look forward to every single time! Once you see results and feel great with your weight loss workout, you will include it into your regular routine even after your healthy weight loss diet is long over!