Being Present

being present

There is truly no better gift or compliment we can give than really being present with somebody!

So rather than grabbing an unwanted trinket as gift for next party, offer something that is barely ever done: the gift of TRULY BEING PRESENT! So, put away the phone and the prejudgement, make eye contact, listen intently and show the other person that you truly care! Listening by itself is a precious gift, but you can take it even further and find out if there is something you can do for the other person (without expecting reciprocity): a word of encouragement, a referral, an introduction?

You will be amazed how appreciated this simply gesture is, which we all but unlearned in the era of ever-connectedness!

Don’t be surprised if you are the most sought-after person at the party! It is an experience that enriches you as the giver as much as it benefits the recipient.

Ina Mohan
Founder & President 
Health, Healing & Happiness LLC